Bayfield Parks & Recreation Awarded!


 (Scott Keys with the Healthy Event Award) 

Bayfield Parks and Recreation received the Healthy Event Seal of Approval Award on Tuesday May 19th.  The award recognized the incredible efforts put into the 2015 Spring Festival which included a 5k Run, Easter Egg Hunt, live music, a bouncy house and much more. Thank you for providing alcohol-free, family fun for the community of ‎Bayfield

 seal_of_approval.pngSeal of Approval Criteria: The Healthy Event Seal of Approval is awarded to event organizers who provide free/low cost community events that are drug/alcohol free and appropriate for youth and/or families. This award is to thank and recognize organizers for providing safe and age-appropriate fun.  

Just a reminder, anyone can nominate an event for the Healthy Event Seal of Approval. Email if if you attended an award worthy event! 

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