February Asset of the Month: #24 Bonding to School


Think back to your elementary, middle and high school experience. Did you feel connected to those schools?

Why or why not?

Young people bonding to their schools is an important protective factor and the La Plata County Developmental Asset of the Month. Any one can be an asset builder - yes, parents and non-parents!  Start by asking yourself this essential question: 


Asset #24       Bonding to School | Young person cares about her or his school.

Local Data: 72% of La Plata County youth report caring about their school as described in Asset #24. (Assets Survey 2014)

Essential Question: How do I reinforce a positive school experience for my child?

Tips for increasing school bonding:

  • Show you care about your child’s school by active involvement in parent-teacher groups, attendance at conferences, special events and volunteer in any way you can.
  • Express support and respect for teachers.
  • Listen to your teen if they complain about school to identify the specific problem they are experiencing so they can be empowered to change the situation.
  • Identify at least one caring adult at your child’s school who can be a family ally. Aim for at least five caring adults in your child’s life.

Source: Search Institute 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents

If  you want to learn more about Developmental Assets and integrate this framework into your organization,contact Cody Goss at cody@ourhealthycommunities.org  to schedule a customized workshop. 


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