February Master Minds Minutes

February 21, 2016
Three Springs

Attendance: Sector

Jordan Bodwell - Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS)Youth serving organization

Libby Hobbs-San Juan Basin Public Health (SJBPH)Other prevention organizaiton

Maraam Ashe - Growing Partners of Southwest Colorado Volunteer/ Civic

Mariel Balbuena - La Plata Family Centers CoalitionParents

Pat Senecal - Celebrating Healthy Communities Coalition staff

Breeah Kinsella - Celebrating Healthy CommunitiesCoaliton staff

Intros and warm up: If money were no object, what would you strengthen for youth in La Plata County?

  • Ashe - Youth oriented rec center

  • Mariel - Youth oriented rec center Bayfield

  • Jordan - Program dedicated for students to interact free from technology, relationship and communication building, in nature

  • Libby - Garden in every single school or youth facility

  • Breeah - Rural teen drop in center

  • Pat - Combine all of them

Determine Strategic Plan Booklet. Why do? Approve to print.

  • Lauren - need to add vision on cover (all agree)

  • Second page - Add bold statement instead of potentially adding doubt. Give people a sense of what people are participating in as coalition members. Principle 2 would work best with the picture

  • Page 4 - Principle 3, Be perceptive. Suggestion to change picture from page 6. (All agree)

  • Picture from page 4 will go to page 6 (all agree)

  • Principle 5, Be Perfected. It would go above picture on page 6

  • Page 8 - Principle 6, Be Proactive.  Mariel - girl in the picture looks like the future

  • Libby is working on education and social enforcement of parks and trails smoking ordinance. Regular enforcement is not happening so education is imperative: "share clean air" is the slogan. Mariel says the park across from LPFCC is really bad so she asked for an elevator speech for people to use when people are smoking in the parks. SJBPH is looking for a tag line to normalize telling people about the smoke free ordinance becasue smokers are sick of the negativity. "Stay clean of the 15," vs. "don't smoke in the park." Mariel suggested giving message to little kids to pass on to grown ups.

  • Principle 7: Be Passionate

  • Last page font should be much larger, instead of "affiliated" with SUCAP, give them credit for being the fiscal agency for more clear separation between the two organizations

  • Ashe - there's no continuity/differentiation between principles and strategic goal numbers. Maybe add "bold statements" and "strategic plan" as their own pages and then on each individual page. Set up color coordination between each statement and strategy

  • Mariel - describe what you are going to see at the beginning, like a table of contents

  • Pat - Potentially cut out some of the activities. Ashe, disagrees. Mariel, also disagrees in order to be true to the full strategic plan

  • Libby - missing bullets on page 5

  • Ashe - put facebook page on the back

  • Mariel - they have paid social media person, can send stuff to them to partner on FB postings

Purpose: To discuss

All action plan information from grant writer, different than the last time we discussed in regards to the 7 strategies.

Additions in order to 1. Notice what he's put in as big goals. 2. Do we have too many, how to prioritize 3. What of these goals do you actually do?

  • Objective 1 - increase by 10% the size of coalition membership by the end of the 1st year

  • Strategy 1 - because we are weak in engaging those sectors

  • Strategy 2 - increase partnership and involvement (Libby, data collection date is wrong, should be 4/7/17)

  • Objective 2 - Increase diversity by 10% - PEET has already developed

    • 5 multi-cult events

    • Develop parent outreach map for LGBTQ and Native

  • Objective 3 - increase satisfaction

    • Ownership in coalition members

    • Policy agenda for CHC members

    • Team building retreat

  • Objective 4 - increase participation for coalition members by 10%

    • Attract and engage members for leadership and support - using the tools makes it real, not just providing the information

    • Libby feels that Adult Role Model should be in objective

  • Increase financial support

  • 2 generation approach to advocacy - break the cycle today, the next generation will not have to go through the same issues.

  • Do another community needs assessment - 300+ hours, potentially unattainable

  • Goal 2 - Compliance focus is additional from grant writers, as well as celebrating compliant dispensaries

  • Strategy 2 - people in CJCC have also had trouble with coming up with viable and effective plans

  • Radical possibilities being implemented by LPYS

  • Red ribbon week - sponsored by the BGCs

  • Objective 3 - 5% as suggested by grant writer seems completely unrealistic in the amount of time given. Libby asks for differentiation between percent change or percentage point change. Mariel asks if we can fit our change within a range of change

  • Safe home pledges, parents who host lose the most, various campaign

  • Objective 4 - educate the local marijuana dispensaries

    • Compliance strategies are new

  • Objective 5 - promote awareness and education on marijuana on the community

  • Training events for disparate populations specifically

Purpose: What are you willing to commit to in the Action plan?

  • Ashe - can't speak on the behalf of growing partners, Pat wonders if story building might work best for Ashe’s personality. Healthy events to coordinate with growth goals.

  • Pat - possibility of OBH with SJBPH - as healthy events. STEP as policy for tobacco. Nothing with SJBPH specific to alcohol or marijuana. Can count time as match for policy work by SJBPH. Would be fun to work on campaign messages with the Fort.

  • Pat - Thoughts for BBBS - youth focus groups through high school mentors. Better communication for partnership with BBBS.

  • Mariel - objective 1, objective 4 - strategy 2 (grant reporting and collaboration grant writing potential), Objective 2 - strategy 1, partner with social media professionals (in kind matching). Page 7  - parent engagement, focus groups, events. Safe Care Partnerships - Safe home pledge. Page 9 - incorporate Native American/Latino nights at 9R presentations, asset building (lauren has approximate number of participation). Last 3 items of strategy 2.

Updates: mj rulings in county and city & your updates, needs.

  • Growing partners, leadership training - colorado health is starting to focus on community leadership for granting

NEXT MEETINGS 2015—Put them in your Calendar!

General Meeting:    Tues, Mar 14: 10:30-1:00 at Durango Fairgrounds:  Workshop: The Adolescent

Brain. Meeting: Role Model Campaign nominations, Choosing pictures for next “They are Listening” and “Too Busy” campaigns

            Board Meeting        Wed, April 12—continuing job descriptions, recruiting members, fundraiser!

Masterminds:        Tues, April 18: 11:30-1 Three Springs  WHO WANTS TO DISCUSS WHAT ISSUE?

General Meeting:   Tues, May 16: 10:30-1:00 at Bayfield Town Hall. Topics: TBD

VISION:  We are resilient, connected neighbors who support healthy, creatie pursuits for people of all ages.

MISSION:  We are a sustainable coalition that collaborates, engages, and educates to promote addiction-free lifestyles by building assets for all.


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