June Asset of the Month- High Expectations

Every month, Celebrating Healthy Communities Coalition highlights one of the 40 Developmental Assets.  Please feel free share and distribute! 

Asset #16 High Expectations – Both parent(s) and teachers encourage the young person to do well.

Essential Question: Do I routinely expect the best from young people as a way to express my belief in them?

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Tips for expressing high expectations:

• Be clear and specific when it comes to communicating expectations for such issues as school responsibilities, home chores, sexual behavior, substance use, curfews etc.

• When conveying expectations, explain your rationale including your beliefs and values regarding certain activities and behaviors.

• Be open to a variety of possibilities in how young people will meet your high expectations. They may choose a route that is quite different than how you might approach the task.

• Give recognition for youth accomplishments when they meet your expectations and brainstorm solutions with the young person when things are not working out so well.

Source: Search Institute When Parents Ask for Help, Renie Howard.

To schedule a Developmental Assets Workshop for youth and/or adults or a presentation of La Plata County 2015 Assets data, contact Cody Goss at cody@ourhealthycommunities.org

Fact: 63% of La Plata County youth grades 6-12 say their parents and teachers encourage them to do well. (Assets Survey 2015)

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