January Coalition Meeting Notes

Workshop and Coalition Meeting Agenda
Tuesday 1/17/17
Bayfield Town Hall


“I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the community, and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can…Life…is a sort of splendid torch …and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to the future generations.” George Bernard Shaw

In Attendance:                                                                                                  Sector

Lauren Patterson                                                                                             Planning and Evaluation

Ashley Gulick, Southwest Safehouse                                                                Parents

Mia Carrasco-Songer, The Garden Project                                                         Youth-Serving

Maram Ashe Alawi, Growing Partners                                                               Civic

Libby Hobbs, San Juan Basin Health                                                                Other Prevention Organization

Kelsey Bonar, Boys and Girls Club La Plata County                                             Youth-Serving

Bruce Le Claire, Boys and Girls Club SUIT                                                        Youth-Serving

Samantha Holiday, Fort Lewis College Public Health Intern                                  Schools

Anna Royer, Omni Institute

Hannah Horma, Ignacio Community Library                                                     Government

Ryan Garcia, Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains                                           Health

Cassandra Sanchez, Boys and Girls club SUIT                                                  Youth-Serving

Lisa McCorry, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango                                 Religious

Cindy Schultz, San Juan Basin Health                                                              Other Prevention Organization

Pat Senecal, CHC Director

Breeah Kinsella, CHC Coordinator


10:30:  Workshop: & Islands of Change: Diving Deeper into the 7 Strategies for community level change. Introduce Strategies and examples from other Coalition Years. Brainstorm strategies for current grant application for DFC funding for years 6-10.  Pat will facilitate

Workshop Goal: Discover which strategy works for each objective within the DFC grant goals: Increase Community Collaboration and Reduce Youth Substance use. Integrate the 7 strategies into the action plan.


  1. Provide information: materials and bookmarks
  2. Enhance skills: workshops on evidence-based practices
  3. Provide support - Pine Tree Youth Circle, PEAT, Snowdown Wipeout, youth-adult partnerships, stipends to partner org's
  4. Enhance Access/Reduce Barriers - EDI to improve cultural sensitivity, Bars offering Designated Driver incentives, 
  5. Change consequences- Healthy Event Seal of Approval for healthy, affordable and alcohol free events.
  6. Change physical design - Skate Park improvements not allowing “lingering autos.”
  7. Modify/Change Policies - Smoke Free ordinance

Next opportunities for action planning for DFC proposal: Wednesday Jan 18 3-4:40, Friday Jan 27 8-12:30, 285 East Second Ave, suite 200 (CHC Office)

Change Strategies are good for everyone’s work within CHC and within their own organization. These Change Strategies will be explored at the next Masterminds meeting for the benefit of your organization’s own development.

11:35     General Coalition Meeting WELCOME and Warmup

11:45     CHC Hero Award: Mariel Balbuena, Deputy Director of La Plata Family Center Coalition. She is a parent, a leader, has degrees in both English and Spanish, loyal to prevention concepts for many years, on the CHC Advisory Board, a bridge to the Latino communities in La Plata County, always willing to do the work and have fun.

11:50     Snowdown “Intergalactic Wipeout!” and CHC Board Projects update

Breeah noted that Snowdown flyers will go out this week. We still need more obstacles, so if you want to participate send Breeah your organizational logo to put on banner that will be displayed at event on February 4th. Some of the prizes include Zia gift cards and a small bike from LPFCC. Coffee and hot chocolate are being donated from 81301 and Mate from the Mate Exchange. CHC is giving info bags at registration to parents and partners so send your organization’s info. We will make 200 bags.

12:00    San Juan Basin Health Role Model Campaign input session Libby Hobbs/Cindy Schultz

Libby explained the Adult Role Model Campaign. Only 37% of youth perceive they have positive adult role models. Youth in the community nominate adult role models who have a positive impact. SJBH is adding an LGBT category to the Bayfield, Ignacio, Durango, Latino and Native American categories. A question was added to the nomination form: Is your nominee an advocate in the LGBT community?  Libby is currently distributing posters of nominees and winners from 2016 and prizes to previous youth nominees. They are keeping the same messaging and will have acrylic display holders with materials to spread around the county.

The nomination date will be after spring break to give committees time to review nominations and choose winners. The campaign is opening the first week of February. Last year there were 220 nominations and the goal is 300 for 2017. CHC goal is to increase the quality of submitted nominations.

Libby asked for volunteers to support the campaign:  Kelsey is a Champion to collect nominations from Boys and Girls Club of La Plata County. Mia is willing to disseminate materials. Hannah will ask Director Marcia Vining from the Ignacio Community Library about their involvement.

To widen participation and better educate about the campaign’s importance, it was suggested the nomination forms be placed in pediatric offices, at La Plata Youth Services and dental offices. On social media the reasons about why the campaign is important should be explained. It was felt a cover letter to parents introducing the campaign could be educational. A video and a post as an “event” on Facebook was proposed, with past winners making statements and being current Champions of the campaign.

Archuleta County is conducting a Role Model campaign this year, Cindy reported.

12:30     Introduce Communities That Care Process to CHC members and answer any questions.

Cindy Schultz on local design and CDPHE Ali Maffey will call in re: state overview.

                See separate approved CTC notes from Cindy and Ali.

Additional notes and questions from CHC members during the discussion:

  • Is CHC considered a key stakeholder? Ali says yes, CHC is considered a stakeholder;
  • How will CHC and CTC move together in a non-duplicative manner? Cindy doesn't know how they will enhance each other’s work yet. Once the community is revealed, then may go to CHC for background on assessments that have already been completed.  Denver chose LGBTQ community as an example, categorically versus geographic. 
  • Lauren attended a webinar on capacity building that included dual references to DFC and CTC throughout the presentation. The two key capacity indicators are: Acquisition of Skills by coalition members (providing knowledge is insufficient if skills are not then developed) and Organizational Linkages that include the 12 sectors including looking beyond formal sector representation for informal associations and leaders. Capacity building can occur among both organizations: CHC and CTC must link to provide capacity to promote, deliver and sustain prevention efforts in La Plata County.
  • Pat noted that CHC staff can contribute to CTC efforts in concrete ways because of their depth of knowledge of community and experience with effective prevention strategies that include coherence, collective impact, and evidence-based practices. 

12:45     Networking- Introduce our initiatives, invitations, trainings to all.

Lisa - attended MLK conference in Denver.  Unitarians focus on racial and justice-based youth and adult work within the UU community. Youth have authority at UU. Services are at 10 am on Sundays with youth and children's programs. 

Ashe - Growing Partners of SW Colorado will coordinate a food accessibility conference April 8, 2017 8:30-5:00 in Ignacio at ELHI. It is the 9th annual Home Grown Retreat and workshops. There are 101 workshops on growing and they want to have something significant for children. Ideas proposed to Ashe by coalition members: collectively making lunch or a snack together. Kelsey would be willing to try to get BGC youth to provide their ideas on workshop topics. What about something on growing portable, container gardens for renters? Consider taking the catering budget and use it for youth to make the lunch for the event. Afterwards they could give the retreat and youth a Healthy Event Seal of Approval.

Kelsey –Teen nights at BGCLP are held the 1st and 3rd Friday nights each month, with 100 kids as a goal. January 25th is the next family night. The focus is health in the New Year. 5-6:30 pm. Another goal is to have a family night every month with mental health as an issue. Kelsey is trained to conduct a Mental Health First Aid training for CHC members. It is 8 hrs or 2-4 hour sessions at no cost. Kelsey can do weekends if needed. 

Mia – The Garden Project is for youth, with the goal to work with all 9-R schools including science-based gardening classes. 

Cass - BGCSUIT, Feb 11th is a fundraiser: Guns and Hoses Basketball Game, with a spaghetti dinner. They are starting a mentoring program for all club members. 

Samantha - LPYS parent support group is being offered starting in January. Parents do not have to have a child involved with LPYS. Their winter fundraiser is February 17th, 4:30-7pm and is a multi-media art show by youth at the Durango Art Center. There will be no alcohol served and they will have a silent auction.  Free admission and youth take all proceeds from selling their art. [CHC could nominate for a Healthy Event Award.]

La Plata Family Centers Coalition provides free health coverage enrollment services Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:00. Call in 970-385-4747for an appointment to get help by January 31st during open enrollment. Medicaid eligible can enroll year round. Insurance coverage obtained this year will continue to follow all the Affordable Care Act guidelines including free preventive care.

SAVE THE DATES – All are welcome at any meeting. Please invite those interested in our mission to come see how we collaborate to benefit youth and families.

Board Meeting            Wed, Feb 8, 12-1:30   RMPP. Review Bylaws, Grant progress

Masterminds               Tues, Feb 21, 10:30-1 Three Springs Sales Office.  Vote on DFC grant application action plan and budget. GRANT DUE 3/13/17.

General Meeting        Tues, Mar 21, 10:30-1            Durango. Summer Event Planning


Intergalactic Wipeout VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

Sat Feb 4, 2017  from 10-3 at Buckley Park             SIGN UP


Poster Distribution: Bayfield ________________  Ignacio____________________

            Durango________________     ________________   ___________________

10:00   Set UP (banner, trash, tents, hot chocolate) _________________________

            __________________________       ______________________________

10:45 Registration ________________________   __________________________

_________________________   __________________________

11:30 -2:00 pm    Starting Gates  ______________________   ______________________________                     ______________________________

11:30- 2:00 pm   Time Keepers _______________________  _________________

2:00-3:00   Breakdown (trash, load cars with tables/chairs, return vats for hot chocolate )    __________________________      ___________________________


INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW. It’s a Healthy Seal of Approval Event for youth toddlers to 18 years. (Look for the Seal of Approval in the Snowdown booklet for other family-friendly, affordable, non-alcoholic events)


THANKS Cindy Schultz with SJBHD for supplying goodies for the above volunteers.

Mission:  Celebrating Healthy Communities Coalition is a sustainable coalition that collaborates, engages & educates to promote addiction-free lifestyles by building assets for all.

To learn more go to our website:  OurHealthyCommunities.org

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