March Workshop and Coalition Meeting

 Workshop and Coalition Meeting Agenda 
Tuesday 3/21/17
La Plata County Fairgrounds


“We inhabit a universe that is characterized by diversity.” Desmond Tutu

Workshop: Going Over the Rainbow – Ryan Garcia, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

Ground Rules. Pronouns used to help context of person, Respect, Own your impact, E.L.M.O-Enough Let's Move On

Gender Unicorn=Components of a person's identity.

  1. Sex assigned at Birth=female, male, other/Intersexual (gender on the outside vs chromosome difference 1 in 2,000 people)
  2. Transgender has to do with identity, Intersexual has to do with physical
  3. Ambiguous genitalia the doctors and parents make the decision what to operate
  4. Gender Identity what you know in your mind. Identify many ways. Transgender variation; Gender queer-binary, goes back and forth, gender neutral. If identify with one you were assigned at birth you are CIS-gender (not "normal"). Can't tell by looking at the person, they state it at beginning 3-5yrs. For Rights go to ACLU.
  5. CO has protections for gender identity
  6. Sex in your pants, Gender between your ears!
  7. Gender Expression: feminine, masculine, and other. Even if express as female, but identity as masculine. 
  8. Attraction: physically attracted to or emotionally attracted to. Heterosexual: attracted to opposite. Homosexual: attracted to same. Pan sexual: attracted to any gender. Asexual: not attracted to anyone physically but could be emotionally. "I'll just have cake" Bi-sexual: attraction to either.
  9. Gender has nothing to do with attraction.  
  10. Asexual: Not celibacy or abstinence. It’s how they identify. Can reproduce. 
  11. Consider all of the above fall on a spectrum. 
  12. Can be sensitive by listening for pronouns a new person uses in their conversation.  THUS: LGBTQ+

Helpful Tips.

  1. Validate a person for how they identify
  2. Do not stereotype. 
  3. Don't use derogatory terms/phrases: "that's so gay, heshe, tranny, hermaphrodite, it.
  4. Educate people to not use derogatory terms/phrases.

"Coming Out"

  1. Say: Thanks for sharing, is there anything you want me to know vs "I couldn't tell" "I knew it" not taken well.
  2. Don't pull people out of the closet.
  3. Gender neutral: "Y'all" "folds, people, person, you in the blue shirt.
  4. Use partner/someone special to avoid assumption about a person's attraction.
  5. Don't: Transgender is an adjective, not a noun or verb; what’s your REAL name-what they say their name is, use it.
  6. If make a mistake...just apologize. They can replace any pronoun.


  1. Schools often considered unwelcoming. From GLISTEN, 65% heard homophobic remarks, discrimination, and school policy restricting expression, i.e. not bring same sex to dance. Lack necessary resources and supports for LGBT. 190% more likely to use drugs. Bullied 2-3 times more. 20-40% homeless identify as other. 40-50% of trans people have attempted suicide and 4 times more likely to attempt suicide. 
  2. New generation more informed due to internet. 

Know your Resources: i.e. Rainbow Youth Center, Having gender neutral bathrooms (more health problems if not supported) Create GSAs: Gender Supportive Alliances.

Andrea Gibson, Slam poet.

  1. Polyamory--attraction to multiple partners. Question whether this is identity.
  2. Approaching others that differ--add respect.

General Coalition Meeting WELCOME and introductions

Pat re: Hero Award--testimonial connection with CHC

Pat re; Sustainability efforts

Cindy--Healthy Event Award--Make awards for multiple events. I.e. 

Same criteria like a single event...but if host something with same criteria several times.  For public events originally.  Non-profits that choose to not serve alcohol. LPYS concerned didn't get the draw this year without alcohol. Perhaps research 

New layout for Event logo to consider: 

Role Model Campaign needs citizen volunteer committees. Takes about 2 - 4 hrs to consider all nominations.  Depends on the number of nominations. Happen in 1 sitting usually. We need a distribution of folks: youth, parents, civic. Need to still refine. 

Sharing Exchange:

4 questions, rotate

Kate: Big Talk Project--go for the big topics

Ashe: If we weren't in this environment, I would not share, but I feel comfortable

Lauren: reciprocal depth

Pat: suspend from looks

Breeah: How can we increase our diversity in the Coalition? Brainstorm how to expand our community?  We were thinking of having a block party with Alliance for Diversity. Have 2 events.  Intersections of health: bring those with same goals together to produce something. Invite someone to CHC Workshop, when we think of a person that would enjoy, Each One Bring One.  Look at inclusivity of language in our literature. How does 4H increase its membership? Getting into the schools, has brought more recruitment. Being out there with different modes of engagement in community. Do smart marketing a Packet to offer Professional Development 6 weeks...not just sitting at meeting but spreading it to their organization. Letting people know you are needed: Why? If I knew someone specifically needed me would draw a different set of people.  Activity 

Networking- Introduce our initiatives, invitations, trainings to all.

Ashe: Growing Partners of Southwest Colorado Homegrown Food Retreat, April 8th at the ELHI in Ignacio

Cass: Boys and Girls Club of the Southern Ute Tribe – Overdrive Teen Nights starting

Lauren: April 18th at 4pm Rachel Turiel will be hosting Nonviolent Communication workshop at DHS room W2105. 45 people attended the Diversity dialogue.

Greg: 4-H leadership conference at Hesperus Bible Camp April 28th – April 30th

Pat: Developmental Asset scripts available for trainers

Greg: Inclusivity Team Conference at the end of April to discuss “Startling Statements”

SAVE THE DATES – All are welcome at any meeting. Please invite those interested in our mission to come see how we collaborate to benefit youth and families.

Board Meeting            Wed, April 12, 12-1:30   RMPP.

Masterminds               Wed, April 18, 10:30-1 Three Springs Sales Office. Grant Collaboration

General Meeting        Tues, May 18, 10:30-1 Ignacio.  Anna Royer presents Adolescent Brain Development

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