My Internship with CHC: Denise Espinosa

Hi my name is Denise Espinosa, a graduating Public Health Student at Fort Lewis College who was fortunate enough to be interning with the Celebrating Healthy Communities Coalition under Pat Senecal. Working with the Celebrating Healthy Communities Coalition is absolutely a great experience! You wouldn’t believe the amount of resources and partners that are available and actively working to improve and impact the community in a positive way. I have seen so many different organizations who work in different aspects of Public Health that are making a difference and are very passionate about what they are doing to improve our community. Part of being in a community is collaborating with one another in order to meet our goals and allow us to grow as a whole.
(Here I am with Pat and Cody Kopp of 99x promoting Designated Driving at Oktoberfest)

The Celebrating Healthy Communities Coalition is a great organization that encourages healthy relationships with youth, adults, and families. In order to do this we continually foster new relationships with different organizations, businesses, and youth so that we can use the 40 developmental assets data to assess and develop strategies for improvement,  address alcohol, tobacco, and other drug issues, and promote awareness through outreach and various advertising strategies together.  

As an intern I was able to go more in depth and talk to local businesses about our designated driver campaign, along with researching and coming up with strategies to improve our youth’s perceptions on feeling valued in our community. Working with Pat Senecal and doing community outreach events has been a great way to develop critical skills that can be applied to any job setting in the future. I strongly encourage anyone to work with the Celebrating Healthy Communities Coalition because there are a lot of opportunities to learn and make an impact in the community in which we live.

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