November Asset of the Month: Achievement Motivation

Essential question This month join the families, organizations and individuals all across La Plata engaged in building the Developmental Asset of the Month! November's Asset is Asset #21 Achievement Motivation – Young person is motivated to do well in school.

Local Data: 76% of La Plata County youth report positive school motivation as described in Asset #21. (Assets Survey 2015)


Tips for increasing positive school motivation:

• Routinely observe and name the strengths you see in your children directly to them. The more able a child feels, the more likely she or he is to continue pursuing ambitious goals.

• Use spontaneous rewards such as “You finished your assignment—great! Let’s go to the park (or wherever your child likes to go) to celebrate.”

• Monitor your teen’s stress level. Some find high school academically competitive and can psychethemselves out. Others think high school is a waste of time and do minimal work. Talk about life goals with your teen to gain understanding about what motivates them in and out of school.

Source: Search Institute 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents

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