November Workshop and Coalition Meeting

Celebrating Healthy Communities Workshop and General Meeting
November 15, 2016 | Ignacio Town Hall
Meeting Minutes


Tava Wilson, Youth Serving/SUCAP, Peggy Iberg, Youth Serving/SUCAP, Steve Brittain, Youth Serving/LPYS, Ashley Gulick, Youth Serving/Southwest Safehouse, Jonathan Romero, Media/Durango Herald, Kasey Correia, Youth Serving/Dancing Spirit, Kelsey Bonar, Youth Serving/Boys and Girls Club of La Plata County, Cassandra Sanchez, Youth Serving/SUIT Boys and Girls Club, Lindsay Box Youth Serving/SUIT Boys, Judy Michalski, Kiwanas/Religious Fraternal, Jean Walter, Toastmasters/Civic, Pat Senecal, CHC Staff, Lauren Patterson, CHC Staff, Breeah Kinsella, CHC Staff


Pre Meeting Educational Opportunity 

The new Protect What’s Next Marijuana Youth Toolkit was piloted with coalition members. The framework for using the toolkit is to recruit a youth partner so that a youth-adult partnership is conducting the workshop with young people from 12-20 years old. By going on the ProtectWhat’ website, students can use an online goal setter to get ready for the workshop that gets youth thinking about their future and potential impacts that marijuana use can have on their future plans. The toolkit is available free, by going online at:

You can also download and print additional materials here like goal cards and workshop surveys.

Extra Resources:

Overview of entire CDPHE marijuana prevention campaign and free online resources can be found at:

Members thought about groups they can use the toolkit with:

  • Friends and family
  • Teen book club at Ignacio Library
  • Mid to high school at La Plata Youth Services -Rethinking Substance Use
  • La Plata Boys & Girls Club, CHAT, community health action team, 10-11 year olds and Torch Club 13-14. The Torch Club is currently working on a marijuana and vaping service-learning project
  • SUCAP’s Club Venture is a prevention without mention program but think the toolkit would be good addition to the Thrive goal setting component and the high school program.
  • Boys & Girls Club of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe
  • The Kiwanis Club helps fund the Keys to High School Success and will be expanding the program to include fifth graders going into middle school. Will suggest the toolkit be one of the workshops offered.
  • After school art classes at ELHI can use the materials to become askable adults which is more likely than using the whole toolkit with a group

CHC Hero of the Month

Congratulations to Ryan Garcia from Planned Parenthood Responsible Sex Education Institute as are our CHC Hero! He is a current board member and served on the coalition’s strategic planning committee. He has been instrumental in educating about and integrating LGBT priorities into the coalition's new 5 year strategic plan. Thank you for all your efforts Ryan!

Prevention Mapping Updates

Group submitted additions and updates to the CHC La Plata Prevention Map. Lauren will update map and send electronically to all members. La Plata has a significant gap in adolescent substance use treatment options. It was noted that 80% of youth at DeNier had substance use issues and 0 got treatment while in the detention facility.

Kelsey Bonar offered to conduct a training on Youth Mental Health First Aid in January as pre coalition meeting educational workshop


CHC Updates

Pat reported on the new CHC Board structure which includes the members splitting into three committees to work on internal and external governance issues. The board has identified that CHC is in the “Turnaround Phase” in its life cycle. Advisory Board has renewed its commitment and has split into three committees to conduct coalition business and to spread the mission of addiction-free lifestyles.

CHC thanks the following members for their time and commitment to help sustain our prevention coalition:

  • Katy Pepinsky, Acting Chair                                   La Plata Youth Service/Youth
  • Elvira England, Vice Chair                                      9R School District/School                                               
  • Allee McKown, Treasurer                                        Animas High School
  • Ami Nathwani                                                       Surya Health & Wellbeing/Business
  • Lindsay Box                                                          SUIT Boys and Girls Club/Youth                                                        
  • Cindy Schultz                                                       San Juan Basin Health/ HPS
  • Kelsie Borland                                                      SOS Mentoring/Youth
  • Heather Freeman                                                Gutsy Girls Club/ Parent
  • Kari Plante                                                           Rotary Club/ Health                                                            
  • Ryan Garcia                                                          Planned Parenthood/ Education
  • Roseanne McDermott/ Mariel Balbuena                  La Plata Family Centers                                                           
  • Kendra Gallegos                                                      FLC WellPac/Young Adult
  • Rocco Fuschetto                                                     Ignacio School District/School

Pat reviewed the impact CHC members have created for our county:

  • Askable adults for youth
  • Safe environments for youth
  • Smoke-free environments for parks and trails
  • For 10 years CHC had a 49% decrease in alcohol use and MJ rates stayed stable until recent changes in marijuana laws
  • Support for creative efforts through ELHI Community Center
  • Parent support in helping their children make healthy choices
  • Asset of the Month project to educate about and integrate the 40 Developmental Assets within member’s plans and projects

Pat warned that CHC’s financial future is fragile as it is currently funded solely by Drug Free Communities. She has diligently applied for over $400,000 in grant funding but to date has not been successful which in part is probably due to lack of "direct service" projects which is typically appealing to funders rather than indirect, coalition work.

For the first time in its history, CHC now needs the board and members to personally and organizationally assist with financial donations to help sustain coalition work. Organizations can help significantly by adding line items in their grant proposals that pay for coalition expertise such as trainings, media campaigns, youth involved media campaign design and implementation, Healthy Kids Colorado Survey implementation and food. (DFC prohibits meal provision.)

CHC is contracting a professional grant writer to complete the DFC application for years 6-10 but current DFC contract prohibits using funds for this service. $4500 needs to be raised immediately and the first installment of $2000 was sent at the end of October thanks to coalition members who have already contributed. The next payment must be made in December. Checks should be made out to SUCAP/CHC unrestricted.  The next phase of fundraising will be at the Durango Recreation Center on December 9th. The Stocking Stuffer Fundraiser for CHC will be a family party. Please contact Breeah if you can help at the event.

CHC is now implementing its Year 5 Action Plan. Because of the dire need to focus on fundraising and the next DFC grant as our only financial source right now, Pat needs coalition members to assist with implementing the Action Plan. Pat will send out the plan and asks all members to see which activities fit well with their organization’s scope of work.

Feedback from Group regarding CHC financial needs:

1. CHC hasn't been pushy enough re fundraising. Marcia will talk with her board and staff regarding support.

2. Steve suggested applying for Tribal Gaming Commission funds. A CHC proposal may tie well into their goals around reducing the DUI rate.

3. Some members wrote checks at the meeting to support the hiring of a DFC grant writer.

Idea: Start award for local groups that fundraise without the use of alcohol.


  • There will be a Motivational Interviewing class by Brian Burke on November 30th at the La Plata County Fairgrounds and an advanced class on Dec 6th.  $50 for both classes; contact Steve Brittain for details.
  • Wild Fridays at LPBGC is increasing attendance for 6-9th graders. The Torch Club is interested addressing MJ advertising in free magazines. They think vaping is a problem and would like to work on that issue as well as thinking about local policy changes they might influence i.e. radio ads that talk about MJ and vaping. Kelsey is ready for coalition to come talk about policy change principles. Pat suggested club bring their concerns to Durango City Council and Licensing Board.
  • There are currently 10 AmeriCorps members in town for 6 weeks who are available to help organizations. Contact Kelsey Bonar for details:  
  • February 17, 2017, La Plata Youth Services will hold their annual Unchain my Heart student are exhibit at the Durango Art Center. No alcohol will be served at the event.

Next Meeting Dates

Holiday Family Stocking Stuffer Party              December 9           Durango Recreation Center

Masterminds                                                  January 17             Three Springs

General Meeting                                            February 14           Bayfield Town Hall


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