October Asset of the Month: Time at Home

Essential question How important is quality time spent at home for children and teens? Very.  

In fact, "Time at Home" is one of the Search Institute's 40 Developmental Assets.  Here in La Plata County 62% of youth report time at home as described in Asset #20- Young person is out with friends “with nothing special to do” two or fewer nights per week.  

(Assets Survey 2015)


Essential Question: Do I provide a positive climate at home that encourages my teen to spend time with the family?

Tips for increasing healthy time at home:

• With input from your preteens and teens, develop a weekly family night activity that the whole household enjoys together. Designing the evening could be a rotating job for all family members.

• Honor mealtimes as media-free so that everyone in the family connects. Encourage full participation in meal preparation so cooking and communication skills are developed at the same time!

• Some preteens and teens want to drop activities to have more time to “hang out”. Gently guide your children back to healthy physical or arts activities and positive programs that help them discover and deepen their particular “sparks” (passions and interests).

Source: Search Institute 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents

To schedule a Developmental Assets Workshop for youth and/or adults or a presentation of La Plata County 2015 Assets data, contact Cody Goss at cody@ourhealthycommunities.org

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