Special November Board Meeting

Nov 2, 2016
Planned Parenthood Facilities


PRESENT: Present: Kari Plante-Health/ SJBH, Lindsay Box-Youth-serving/ SUBGC, Pat Seneca/CHC staff, Breeah Kinsella/CHC Staff, Elvira England-Schools/ 9R, Mariel Balbuena-Parents/LPFCC, Ryan Garcia-Civic/PPRM, Kendra Gallegos Reichle-Schools/FLC, Kelsie Borland-youth-serving/SOS, Allee McKown-Schools/Animas HS, Lauren Patterson-Planning & Evaluation.

MISSING: Rocco Fuschetto-Schools/11JT, Cindy Schultz-Health/SJBH, Heather Freeman-Parent/GGC, Ami Nathwani-Health-Business/ Surya, Katy Pepinsky-Other substance abuse/ LPYS

THANK YOU!  Pat told of her appreciation for those who could contribute to hiring a DFC experienced grant writer with the potential of bringing in another $500,000 in the next 5 year DFC cycle 2017-21.

Noon-12:14     I. Warm Up - What's the best fundraiser you have ever attended?

Best Fundraiser:
Dharma Center with tea and cake
Ethiopian Dinner
Cross Country Team 80 mile run with sponsors
Casino Night for DMR homeowners
Sky Ute Casino Money Box - Cash Grab
Second Wind Fund Chimes that were auctioned
“Drag”rango at Strater
Vagina Monologues
Hwy 160 mobile home park made food and sold it for a man who was in the hospital
St. Martha's Hall, rented auditorium and put on drag show w/RuPaul
Ignacio High School FFA donkey basketball game
Evening Rotary Pancake Breakfast

12:14-12:20 Masterminds member report on organizational effectiveness including strengths and challenges.

CHC has created a fun and collaborative culture which people appreciate. A challenge is fiscal sustainability due to a new structure since leaving SJBH.

12:20-12:40 Life Cycle diagram.  Historical perspective. DFC Project Officer report about CHC. 

The group reviewed organization components: programs, management, board of directors, financial resources and administrative systems. Looking at the stages in the lifecycle of the organization, from idea to mastery and turnaround or decline, discussion revealed most felt that CHC was in a turnaround stage.

CHC is in the Turnaround phase due to a lack of financial stability. Lack of funding can end a nonprofit. Typically there is not much funding for general operating support.

There are a lot of resources available among organizational members and we need to rework those resources to build the strength and capacity of the coalition.

CHC’s DFC Project Officer noted challenges in 2016-17 for CHC to work on:

  1. Building leadership capacity among coalition members.
  2. Recruiting and engaging target population.
  3. Attaining funding for substance use prevention.
  4. Advocacy and policy development.
  5. Program/initiative sustainability
  6. Creative financial resource development
  7. Sustainability

Group feedback from the previous discussion:

“When I go to meetings the group does a good job of leadership from within and teaching each other.”

“How do we expand leadership from sectors where there is not enough or any representation?”

Breeah noted: Staff are not allowed to do direct fundraising when funded by federal dollars.

12:40-1:00       IV. Review: Bold Boards, Big Impact document/ Job Description/Who’s In?

Everyone in attendance was willing to continue to participate on the Board in some way. Kelsie Borland stated her contribution would be as needed, since she would be leaving the area in the Spring. Mariel Balbuena stated she would be a floating Board Member for now.

Pat stated an optimal Board size was 7-12, with communication skills able to resolve any conflicts/ differences of opinions relatively easily. She also stated there would now be pictures of the Board and a name badge for each Board member to better acknowledge their identification with the Coalition.

1:00  Best Practices Organization:

A. Sign up for one committee: External, Internal, Finance

1. Internal - Supports governance of Coalition, planning ahead, following work plans
Sign Up: Kendra, Lindsay (Lindsay will help with outreach events too)

2. External - marketing, outreach events, sponsorship, fundraising
Sign Up: Elvira, Ryan, Kelsie,

3. Finance - budget oversight, assesses grant opportunities, supports setting budgets
Sign Up: Allee, Kari,

Meetings will be held every other month. Board meetings will include: Budget review, grant or fundraising opportunities. Breeah will send out doodle poll to find a standard meeting time moving forward.

B. Pass around monthly calendar for member to attend at least one Staff meeting per year.

Board members were invited to attend at least one staff meeting per year. A full calendar of Staff, General and Mastermind meetings was handed out.

C. Strategic Plan review and respond within one week for final approval.

Pat asked that the Board comment on the semi-final version of the Strategic Plan.

1:15-1:25 Closure- One Takeaway


  • Lindsay – It is good we are getting more structure to the board for the coalition.
  • Kari – I am still learning what the coalition is all about. I was at one meeting re board strategies. It is helpful to decide on a structure so not all the responsibility is on the coalition director.
  • Kelsie – Now there is a collective consciousness of the need for diversified funding.
  • Kendra – It is nice to be here in person, but we can also get things done via email. It is good to see passionate participation. This coalition will not easily die.
  • Ryan – I like the committees that will give us structure so people can give to a good cause and be more effective. 
  • Mariel – It is good to hear what you need Pat. If you want something from me, text or call as I am hard to get through email. The next generation is coming up: Mia, my daughter, uses the Parent's Daily Checklist to check on neighborhood children.
  • Elvira – I like rules and boundaries and excited to see more structure along with creativity. Our Vision of resilience is coming to fruition.

Lauren told of the wide impact of the coalition’s collaborative work with a story about a woman discovering the positive changes at the Skate Park.

1:25 PHOTOS!



“We have brains in our heads. We have feet in our shoes. We can steer ourselves any direction we choose. We’re on our own. And we know what we know. And we are the one who’ll decide where to go.” Adapted from Dr Seuss

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