April Master Minds

Celebrating Healthy Communities Coalition

Masterminds Meeting Minutes

April 18, 2017 | Three Springs


Tristany Sanchez, BGCSU, youth serving org

Carie Harrison, BBBS, youth serving org

Kelsey Bonar, BGCLPC, youth serving org

Zach Rockwell, BGCSU, youth serving org

Wendy Javier, TRIO FLC, schools

Marya Corrigan, TRIO FLC, schools

Pat Senecal, CHC staff

Lauren Patterson, Planning and Evaluation

Peter Tregillus, SUCAP, youth serving org+

Intros and warm-up: What do you most need money for in your organization?

  • Zach: Basic programming such as Triple Play and field trips

  • Tristany: Teen outreach and Teen Night

  • Kelsey: to cover remodeled facility costs, increased staffing hours to increase staff retention

  • Lauren: CHC media, staffing hours to increase staff retention, food for meetings and events 

  • LPFCC: staff salaries, current site for sale so potential remodel $ for new site

  • Carie: benefits for staff, programming costs

  • Wendy: staff wage increases, food for students and families, fuel cards, scholarships for students in higher education 

  • Marya: staff wages, field trips for students, we’ve had flat TRIO funding for 30 years

  • Peter: Senior Center core activities, youth services to revive the after school program which will end this month

  • Pat: Recognition programs for coalition members and partners

Update: The completed CHC Strategic Plan is being developed into an attractive booklet for formal presentations.

Pat dissected mission statement: CHC is a sustainable coalition that collaborates, engages, and educates to promote addiction-free lifestyles by building assets for all.

  • Coalition - multiple organizations get together

  • Collaborate - work together for a common goal

  • Assets - 40 Developmental Assets, emotional savings account to provide what healthy people need to thrive

  • Addiction-free lifestyles - balanced support to make healthy choices

  • Relationships as gateways to asset development

Purpose: How can collaboration in grants and other opportunities stretch resources?

  1. Seek and collaboratively write grants that address shared community goals. All CHC members should consider how CHC and other partners with specific expertise can be included in collaborative grants with each partner utilizing their specific expertise to address funder and project priorities.

What does CHC do well?

  • Assets education and workshops for varied audiences including youth, parents, youth workers and other providers. (TRIO would like assets workshop this summer.)

  • Prevention oriented education and workshops including information on Science of the Positive and other best practice prevention strategies and frameworks.

  • Data collection, analysis and integration in media messaging (Healthy Kids Colorado Survey data will be collected Fall 2017 with county-level results being available to coalition partners later in the year.)

  • Involving youth in media development (Give Support Get Support won an award at the state level.)

Each of us has expertise that can be woven into a single funding proposal that meets shared goals.

What is your expertise?

  • Kelsey - Engaging youth and parents for the program is a strength. Curriculum design. Torch Club has been working on vaping infograph. American Pediatric Society has March 15th article on vaping and Kelsey wants help with next year's project.

  • Carie - the more you are a part of youth lives, the more they want to emulate their mentor's values and behaviors. 

  • Kelsey - During Power Hour we did role model curriculum for a week to assist with the Adult Role Model campaign including what is a role model and their characteristics and asked students to identify three important people in their lives. Had a contest for youth who completed the application.

  • Zach - Native American cultural competency, Navajo traditional values. Note: need permission from elders to conduct public speaking at events when covering cultural topics.

  • Marya - Advocacy for students to finish high school and get into college, academic needs and supports of students, create scripts for life skills like talking to your teacher about grades and college applications. Increasing ability to work with other partners to address whole student development i.e. mental health etc. 

  • Wendy - looks at data and patterns to better tailor program for their students. Like why are all low SES students failing chemistry and how can we address those needs through curriculum or activities. Perhaps TRIO can help coalition members understand how to look at data/patterns to better address issue selection for work and for funding proposals. Diane McCarthy is an expert at reading data at TRIO, perhaps present at a pre coalition educational workshop. Send Wendy the most recent assets survey results. 

  • Cari - Use national model for surveying/interviewing youth and engaging with parents. One on one mentoring is a skill. Meet parents where they are or for coffee to engage parents and offer support. Keep it simple for families to participate although family engagement is not a priority over the mentoring relationships.

  • Tristany - Used media like KSUT radio, emails and flyers to get parents to come to Family night.

  • Kelsey - Notify parents as far ahead as possible of parent meeting dates and use youth to get excited to bring their parents "You have to come to this!" Got gift cards from Zia's and drew names for giveaways. 

Lauren described history and purpose of the CHC Levels of Collaboration Scale which outlines and measures the five relationship characteristics of coalition partner involvement: networking, cooperation, coordination, coalition and collaboration.    

Updates:Pat has created CHC Outreach Events Calendar and distributed to group. Lots of volunteer opportunities for outreach this summer. Tammy Tyner to coordinate summer outreach. 970-749-2526 or tammy.tyner@q.com

  • May 21 - Taste of Durango

  • July 16 - Coalition’s 25th Anniversary at Buckley Park. Lauren suggested role for youth groups to perform, or lead activities. Wendy suggested musical group from Iam Music or Stillwater Foundation.

  • EPIC Days in Schools is response to suicide rates in our county. Have done three events at area schools and are now trying to figure out future in terms of fiscal sponsor or becoming a 501(c)(3) organization. Bayfield Epic Day in Durango Herald, go online to read more about it.

NEXT MEETINGS 2017—Put them in your Calendar!

General Meeting:    Tuesday, May 16, 10:30-1:00 pm at Ignacio Town Hall:  Workshop: The Adolescent Brain. Meeting: choosing message and pictures for “They are Listening” and “Too Busy” campaigns

Board Meeting:    Tuesday, June 6, 12:00-1:30pm, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains: Survey of members and recruiting members!   

Masterminds:    Tuesday, June 20, 11:30-1 pm at Three Springs: Taking suggestions for the Masterminds June topic.

25th CHC Anniversary Celebration:  Saturday, July 16 at Buckley Park, Durango

VISION:  We are resilient, connected neighbors who support healthy, creative pursuits for people of all ages.

MISSION:  We are a sustainable coalition that collaborates, engages, and educates to promote addiction-free lifestyles by building assets for all.

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