They are Listening

Parents have enormous influence on their children and teens--sometimes more than they realize. Celebrating Healthy Communities conducts the "They are Listening" campaign to remind parents of their power to have open conversations about their family's values and the risks of drug and alcohol use, especially for developing adolescent brains. The campaign utilizes local Healthy Kids Colorado and Developmental Assets survey data to celebrate the strengths of local families and to identify concerns we can address together.




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Too Busy Campaign

"Too Busy" is an ongoing Celebrating Healthy Communities campaign directed at the youth of La Plata County. Using vivid imagery and data from the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey, the coalition affirms the healthy choices local middle and high school students are making while addressing the typical misconception that "everybody is doing it".  

Too Busy (2013-2014) Healthy Kids Colorado Survey data  


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April Asset of the Month

Have you talked to a child about how you care for those outside your family? Your volunteer efforts?  Who other than your family deserves a hand? When you explain why you care for others, children build the protective factor of compassion and tolerance. 


The April Asset of the Month is #26 Caring.  Each month La Plata County focuses on building one of the Search Institute's 40 Developmental Assets

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2016 Adult Role Model Campaign

Role Model Poster

Only 37% of La Plata County middle and high school students perceive parents and other adults model positive, responsible behavior. (2015 Dev. Asset Survey) This concerning but improving perception inspired the Adult Role Model Campaign. This campaign invites young people to consider the role models in their lives and nominate them for an award! Winners will be selected to represent Bayfield, Ignacio and Durango as well as Latino and Native American communities.  


 Parents and youth serving professionals, have a conversation about what it takes to be a role model and encourage the youth in your life to nominate their role model.  (Yes, you can help them with the nomination form if they need it.) 

 Youth who submit a complete nomination will be entered to win a Ipad mini 2 courtesy of Boys & Girls Club of La Plata County!

Nomination deadline is Friday April 29th. 

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Collaborations that WORK! February Master Minds Circle

Coalition members from Durango and Ignacio representing business, parents, government, health, law enforcement, youth serving organizations, schools, civic and religious sectors attended the February Master Minds Circle.  Master Minds Circles are informal lunch-time meetings designed to share knowledge and address the challenges Coalition members face in their community building work.

This month's theme was the challenge of building collaborations which strengthen requests for funding and better address needs. Here's a little of the dynamic conversation: 


How do you get out of your silo and know what other organizations are doing?

Attend Celebrating Healthy Communities meetings (third Tuesday of every month, location rotates). ~ I include people I want to connect with on my calendar- scheduling it is now I make sure it happens. ~ When starting a new project, I do my first round of research on the web by reading missions, goals, plans, etc. on different organizations' websites. ~ By continuously connecting with people in new venues(at events, in the grocery store, ect.), exchanging ideas and possibilities.  ~ Social media is a good way to keep up and get a feel for community. Also, traditional media like the Durango Herald's volunteer opportunity sections and letters to the editor.

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February Asset of the Month: #24 Bonding to School


Think back to your elementary, middle and high school experience. Did you feel connected to those schools?

Why or why not?

Young people bonding to their schools is an important protective factor and the La Plata County Developmental Asset of the Month. Any one can be an asset builder - yes, parents and non-parents!  Start by asking yourself this essential question: 


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January Asset of the Month: Homework


Homework! Homework! Homework!

Spending time every day on homework has been shown help young people become thriving, contributing adults. 

Parents, youth-serving professionals, aunties, uncles and family friends in Durango, Ignacio and Bayfield are asking themselves this month's essential question and working to make homework a positive experience.  

You can help build the January Asset of the Month #24 Homework with these simple tips: 

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Getting the word out: Media and Promotion - Dec Master Minds Circle

Cold, snowy weather didn't stop Coalition members from generating solutions to the challenges of media and promotion in the December Master Minds Circle, a luncheon meeting with the goal of collectively brainstorming solutions to a community-building challenge. This month’s challenge came from the Ignacio Community Library.  Here's a sample of the discussion:

What types of promotions are you doing and what have you done in the past?

Flyers: 8.5x11 color flyers hung on message boards around town, 12 sheet backpack flyers that come home with younger kids in homework folders, 11x17 Posters in classrooms poster protector sleeves 
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My Internship with CHC: Denise Espinosa

Hi my name is Denise Espinosa, a graduating Public Health Student at Fort Lewis College who was fortunate enough to be interning with the Celebrating Healthy Communities Coalition under Pat Senecal. Working with the Celebrating Healthy Communities Coalition is absolutely a great experience! You wouldn’t believe the amount of resources and partners that are available and actively working to improve and impact the community in a positive way. I have seen so many different organizations who work in different aspects of Public Health that are making a difference and are very passionate about what they are doing to improve our community. Part of being in a community is collaborating with one another in order to meet our goals and allow us to grow as a whole.
(Here I am with Pat and Cody Kopp of 99x promoting Designated Driving at Oktoberfest)
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Walking the Walk - Working the Plan: Year Three Accomplishments

Walking the Talk—Working the Plan!check-mark.png

Celebrating Healthy Communities Coalition is a goal oriented-collective. Below is a brief report outlining our year three work-plan and 5 year strategic goals as well as our progress in reaching a those goals and meeting our mission. 

DFC Goal One: Increase community collaboration

Objective 1: By September 29, 2015, the Sector Representatives will understand the Strategic Prevention Framework and can use this knowledge to take a leadership role in substance use prevention in their own sector and to increase collaboration between sectors.

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