July Asset of the Month - #29 Honesty

Have you heard about Developmental Assets?

74% value telling the truth

This framework, researched extensively by the Search Institute, outlines the skills, experiences, relationships and positive self attributes youth need to become thriving contributing adults.  

Anyone can build assets! Yes, you! Join the parents & non-parents, youth serving professionals, and neighbors across La Plata County working on the July Developmental Asset of the Month : Asset #29 Honesty - A young person tells the truth, even when it's not easy.

Essential Question: Am I the type of adult that allows youth to feel safe in telling the truth in tough situations?


Tips for increasing children’s honesty:

  • In your home and family: Don’t overreact or be accusatory if you suspect that your child is lying to you. Instead, give her or him the opportunity to tell the truth by asking questions, such as “Do you think I may be struggling with believing you right now?”

  • In your neighborhood and community: Model honest behavior. For example, return extra change if you receive too much from a store clerk.

  • In your school or youth program: Discuss what it means to be honest. Ask whether there are situations in which it’s better to tell a “little white lie.”  

Source: Search Institute 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents

To schedule a Developmental Assets Workshop for youth and/or adults or a presentation of La Plata County Assets data, contact CHC staff! 

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