June Asset of the Month - #28 Integrity

Have you heard about Developmental Assets?

Local Developmental Asset Data

This framework, researched extensively by the Search Institute, outlines the skills, experiences, relationships and positive self attributes youth need to become thriving contributing adults.  

Anyone can build assets! Yes, you! Join the parents & non-parents, youth serving professionals, neighbors ... across La Plata County working on the June Developmental Asset of the Month : Asset #28 Integrity - Young person acts on convictions and stands up for her or his beliefs.

Essential Question: In what ways do we model personal integrity for children to emulate?


Tips for increasing children’s personal integrity:

  • Be proactive about teaching positive values before “incidents” occur.
  • Have conversations at meal or drive times so your children can hear how you handle tough situations.
  • Be prepared to support your child if they are teased or belittled for stating their personal values.

Source: Search Institute 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents

To schedule a Developmental Assets Workshop for youth and/or adults or a presentation of La Plata County Assets data, contact CHC staff! 

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