Ongoing Campaigns

- Social Norms Campaigns -

Celebrating Healthy Communities has several ongoing media campaigns addressing typical misconceptions about drug/alcohol use ("everybody is doing it") and while affirming the healthy choices being made by youth and the strengths of local families.  Both "Too Busy" and They are Listening" campaigns use vivid imagery, local data from the Healthy Kids Colorado and Developmental Asset surveys, and the evidence-based Science of the Positive framework. 

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- Healthy Event Seal of Approval -


In an effort to encourage community event planners to consider participants of all ages, Celebrating Healthy Communities and San Juan Basin Health has developed the Seal of Approval for events that are alcohol-free, appropriate for children, youth and families, and are affordable (mindful of inclusiveness for low income families). 

Past event recipients of the Healthy Event Seal of Approval:

  1.  Community Dinner, Pine River Shares out of the Bayfield Family Center   
  2.  Apple Days, Growing Partners of Southwest Colorado 
  3.  The Serengeti Wipeout, Animas High School Peers Owning Wellness
  4.  Around the World Children’s Fair, Del Alma in Durango Education Center
  5.  The Junior DEVO fun race 
  6.  Pies in the Garden, The Garden Project of Southwest Colorado
  7.  Outdoor Movie Night, Three Springs
  8.  Fall Festival, Three Springs 
  9.  Butterflies and Blooms Walk, San Juan Mountain Association
  10.  Walk for Wilderness and Family Fun Fair, San Juan Mountain Association
  11.  Halloween Carnival, Boys and Girls Club SUIT 
  12.  Teen Night, Boys and Girls Club of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe 
  13.  Teen Night, Boys and Girls Club of La Plata County
  14.  Easter Festival, Bayfield Parks and Recreation 
  15.  Outdoor Movie Night, Pine River Library 
  16.  Durango Arts Center, 2015 Creativity Festivity: Opening Reception
  17.  Durango Arts Center, 2015 Creativity Festivity:  High School Poetry Slam
  18.  Party in the Park, Stillwater Foundation  
  19. Tear it Up for Tyler, Durango Parks & Rec/Boarding Haus/Family of Tyler Valencia 
  20. Bayfield's Old Fashioned Christmas, Town of Bayfield 
  21. Mutton Harvest and Easter Egg Hunt, Dine Club of FLC's Native American Center 
  22. Journey to Healing Dinner, Healing Spirits 
  23. Community Poetry Slam, Healing Spirits 
  24. Children's Powwow, Healing Spirits 
  25. (Award scheduled) Cinco de Mayo Celebration, Companeros: Four Corners Immigrant Resource Center 

Have you been to an award-worthy event in La Plata County?  Let us know! Anyone can nominate! 

- Designated Driver Thank You Campaign -

ultimate_friend_photo_5-2014-sm.jpgIn December 2013, Celebrating Healthy Communities Coalition began the Designated Driver "DD" Thank You campaign. Enlisting 30 bars and restaurants the first year, self-identified DDs received a free non-alcoholic drink as a thank you for being the "Ultimate Friend." CHC was able to continue the campaign into the summer with the help of generous vendors at Taste of Durango, SW Colorado Outdoor Expo, Durango Model Car Show, Bayfield 4th of July, Brewfest and Oktoberfest.  

Why is building a community DD norm so important?  The number of DUI’s in La Plata County is 129 per 10,000 people compared to the CO state average of 69-100 per 10,000.  La Plata County is two times above the state target for traffic fatalities due to impaired driving.  Reducing the number of intoxicated drivers behind the wheel will directly lower the number of traffic fatalities and create a safer community.  

Why is the DD norm important to youth? In the 2013-14 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey for La Plata County, 20% of 6-12th graders reported riding in a car from 1 to 6 times in the past 30 days driven by someone who had been drinking alcohol.  We need role models for youth to grow up responsible, caring and healthy. Adults choosing a Designated Driver is a way to show how to balance fun and responsibility.

Thanks to our generous bars and restaurants who have participated in the DD Thank You Campaign:

A la Car - Applebees - Brew Pub & Kitchen - Chimayo - Cuckoos Chicken House - Cyprus Café - Derailed Pour House - Diamond Belle - East by Southwest - El Moro Spirits & Tavern - El Rancho - Eno Wine Bar & Coffee Café - Guido's - Himalayan Kitchen - Holiday Inn Sporting News Grill - Irish Embassy - Joe'ls Bar - Ken & Sue's Restaurant - Lady Falconburgh's Barley Exchange- Lost Dog Bar & Lounge - Mahoghany Grill/Strater - Old Tymer's Café - Ore House - Orio's Roadhouse - Rochester Hotel & Bar - Seasons of Durango - Steamworks Brewing Company - Tacos Nayarit - The Office Spiritorium - The Palace - The Yellow Carrot 

- Pro-social Events for Teens and Families -

parents at a chc social event

Snowdown Wipeout - Every Snowdown (last week of January) Celebrating Healthy Communities organizes a wacky obstacle course designed by youth for youth! Last year slushy conditions and cold temperatures didn't deter participants at the 2nd Annual Snowdown Wipeout.  In fact crowds showed up in force on Saturday January 31st with 139 youth racing through the Steampunk Wipeout and playing in the age-appropriate Tot Lot. In addition, over 50 youth and adult volunteers built obstacles, timed participants, organized crowds, served hot chocolate, cheered and everything else needed to make the event such a smashing success!  Our Coalition partners 4H, La Plata Youth Services, Boys and Girls Club LPC, Unitarian Fellowship of Durango, Animas High, AmeriCorps for Regional Substance Abuse Prevention Partners and The La Plata Family Center designed incredible obstacles and fun activities.    

Here's a video from the very first Wipeout: 

We also collaborate with our partner's events like State of the Skate's Thrasher Thursdays in Durango, Boys and Girls of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe's Powder to the People Dye-Versity Dash in Ignacio and many others. 

- Adult Role Model Campaign -

This year, the FIFTH year of the Adult Role Model Campaign, more than 100 youth nominated the superheros in their lives. The goal of the campaign is to encourage community conversations about role models and celebrate those exceptional adults positively influencing our young people. The Role Model Campaign grew out of a concerning statistic: Only 37% of our middle and high school students perceived adults modeling responsible behavior. (2015 Developmental Asset Survey of La Plata County) 



Here are the 2015 Adult Role Model Campaign winners: 


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